Pet-Friendly Travel to INK

By INK Hotel / March 15, 2023.

Discover Dubai with Your Furry Friend at INK Hotel

Finding a place to stay that allows pets can be difficult when you're traveling with a four-legged
companion, so be prepared for some obstacle for your trip to Dubai. INK Hotel Dubai is a pet-
friendly hotel, welcoming pets of all sizes and breeds to stay with their owners.

The hotel requires a deposit for housekeeping, but other than that, there are no additional
costs associated with having your furry friend accompany you. This deposit guarantees that the
hotel will continue to provide a high level of cleanliness and hygiene for all of its guests,
including those who bring pets with them. Amenities such as pet toys, snacks and bed are also
provided for our furry friends.

Another advantage is the partnership between INK Hotel and Cooper's Crib - a dog daycare
facility located close to the hotel alongside Al Jaddaf waterfront.
Guests will have the option to have their animals looked after while they explore the city with
one of the packages available:

  • Barking Good Package; including pet bed, nappies, plates and toys for the stay for AED 100.
  • Barking Cool Package; including pet bed, nappies, plates and toys and one full-day access to
    Cooper’s Crib dog nursery for AED 200.
  • Ultimate Barking Package; including pet bed, nappies, plates, toys, healthy snacks and
    overnight boarding access to Cooper’s Crib dog nursery for AED 350.

The latest addition to the range of snacks available is Hugo and Celine’s ice cream for dogs. Our
dog-owners will be able to choose from 5 different available flavours such as:

Magic Moose,
Cool Cod,
Happy Herring,
Slick Salmon and Lickin’ Liver.

If you are planning your trip to Dubai make sure to get in touch with our team on the wide
variety of locations that you and your four-legged companion are welcome to visit, including
pet parks, beaches, restaurants and coffee shops.

Do you have any specific request? Contact us.

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